Launching Saikel

Saikel is a disruptive cycling kit brand in Europe new to the market in SS18. Here's how we've launched their product into the UK and supported their ongoing marketing activities.

When David and Simon approached us for advice on how to get their brand, Saikel, off the ground and on to the backs of riders around the UK and beyond, we knew this project would be a rewarding challenge. A few spells of poor British weather delayed spring and summer and social media posts from competitors featured predominantly #UKSnow tweets, images and regurgitated winter content.

We managed to find a sunny spot in the cycling Mecca of Mallorca to take two riders for a few days' snapping the new kit and building a bank of images for use later on. Ellie coordinated a successful shoot with two hard-working riders and photographer Jack Chevell. Hill repeats and the endless repetition of, "cool, can you just do that bit again?" eventually led to a stock pile of high quality photographs carefully edited by Jack that we now use on the brand's website, social media and PR.


In a market so saturated with other kit brands, not least the big players like Rapha and Castelli, it was important to differentiate the brand and communicate its key mantra. A quick visit to the website reveals the three pillars of Saikel: fashion, fit and form. All copy was written by Grace who spent tireless days fine-tuning the tone of voice and readability all the while ensuring the product descriptions had all the necessary keywords for good SEO.

The founders are influenced by off-bike fashion trends and wanted to incorporate elements from the catwalk into the kit. Cue brave designs and bright colour palettes enabling the rider to stand out on the road not only among traffic but among their fellow riders.

The kit itself has undergone extensive testing from its inception. Numerous prototypes were give to key members of the founders' cycling community to influence its development and ultimately the final product. The fit of the kit is second to none and offers high quality fabrics and technically brilliant pieces that make up the essentials of a cyclist's wardrobe.

When a rider looks good, they also feel good and that's a key consideration for us as marketers. We're focused on ensuring customer satisfaction not just of the product but of their cycling. Encouraging customers to be the best they can be extends beyond their abilities to their attitude when they're wearing Saikel.


After the launch at the end of May, we sent the kit to key journalists in the industry who put it through its paces. gave the jersey and bib shorts 4 stars and 3.5 stars respectively and the socks also passed with flying colours with 4 stars.

We won't deny it's been a challenge to get this brand off the ground but it's beginning to pay off with increased sales and huge growth in brand awareness. It's exciting leading the brand into its next season of kit coming in AW18. We're giving candid feedback on designs, industry trends and products for the upcoming release and we'll be sharing all the details in due course.


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